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Not so mellow yellow

I decided to challenge myself this week and attempted the dreaded yellow palette. I don't know why I have dramas with yellow - I never seem to nail it! So it was time to give it another go. I love the bright energising feeling yellow in all its shades gives you. And I actually enjoyed using it this week. It's another piece in my Natures Medicine series - "Honeysuckle and Vitamin D". I am so enjoying capsuling whimsical imagery in this form....a narrative of nature as medicine.

Over the last little while I have found so much peace and solace in my forest garden that Ruud and I are creating down here in Waihi, New Zealand. It's been a long process and it is on-going - we are no where near finished. But, finally, we are seeing results. I feel so fortunate to look out of my studio onto an ancient quince tree, a soon to be wild garden and a wee forest walk. It is influencing my work and moving me on! Its exciting!

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