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Its a beautiful world!

I have not blogged for oh so long! I have been re-establishing myself and my practice; taking time to understand where my work is going and fine-tuning that. As some of you may be aware, I started life as an abstract artist when I graduated from art school. I combined paintwork and stitching and I absolutely loved this process. However, like life, things adapt and change and I found that this way of working was heavily linked to a past life and, well things have

moved on! I am so influenced by the beautiful surroundings I now find myself in that I could not help but change my outlook and my mindset. Gone are the rather intense, sometimes bleak works that at the time needed to get out of me. They are replaced by, what I hope, are whimsical, lighter and brighter artworks. My anticipation is that these new contemporary works encourage the viewer to find some solace and rest; pleasure and optimism - to remember how beautiful our world is. Despite what is going on worldwide at present, we still have nature; we still have hugs; we still have love.

"Anticipation", 2022

42cmx30cm mixed media on paper

(Note: whenever paper is collaged onto my artworks, it from digital manipulation of previous original works from Lisa Ann Art Studio)

"One of the most delightful things about a garden is the anticipation it provides". W.E.Johns

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